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Sport in Liechtenstein ranges from amateur sport and competitive sport to professional sport and disabled sport. Government support is provided in the form of financial contributions and the provision of infrastructure. Health, quality of life and integration are three of the main policy areas where sport plays a major role.

Activity for fun

Mainstream sports are practised throughout the year by citizens of all ages. There are many clubs and societies represented by teams comprising children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. The main focus is on taking part, being active, meeting friends and celebrating successes together. Liechtenstein is also home to a number of private clubs, societies and organisations involved in sport. Talented sportsmen and sportswomen are supported at an early age through the clubs and socities in the country. 

Recognition and respect

Disabled sports are highly respected in Liechtenstein. The government regularly organises days promoting disabled sports, while delegations from Liechtenstein have also been successful at a range of international tournaments. The aim is to familiarise the general public with disabled sports, increase respect for the skills and performances of athletes with disabilities and promote integration. In 2013 Special Olympics Liechtenstein became a member of the Liechtenstein Olympic Committee. The same year saw handbiker Walter Eberle voted Sportsman of the Year in Liechtenstein.